Shoaib Akhtar Celebrity Profile

Friday, April 24, 2009

Shoaib Akhtar
Dad's Name : Mohammed
Mother's Name : Hammeda
Brother's Name : Shahid, Jahid & Abaid
Sister's Name : Shamaila
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Height : 6 feet
Zodiac : Leo
Best Habit : Stays Quiet
Worst Habit : Trusts people too quickly
Best Asset : Eyes

First step towards cricket
Shoaib’s entrance in Cricket was not at all planned, infact it was very dramatic. He started playing cricket at the age of ‘20’ and that too with a tennis ball. As per him, he used to play bet-matches where a bet of 200 rupees was put on a match and the winner could take the money. One day just by chance Isthaq Shah, the President of Rawalpindi Real Cricket association was watching the game. He was impressed with Shoaib’s bowling and offered him to play in a Test match against New-Zealand. Shoaib refused initially as he had never played International Cricket nor had he ever played with the real hard cricket ball but Mr. Isthaq forced him and the rest is history. It is quiet difficult to digest but Shoaib Akhtar played with the actual cricket ball in his very first international cricket match.

How he became a Fast Bowler
During his school days Shoaib used to run the 100-meter races. He was a very good sprinter. That’s how he got his pace ----- doing a fast 35-meter run-up.

Comparison with Imran Khan
Shoaib is often compared to Imran Khan for his winning attitude on and off the field. His performance on the field has helped Pakistan win a number of matches. Off the field too his record is quiet phenomenal. In his words, “I have thousands of girlfriends-although I suppose I should just call them friends. I think they are little more than fans. In the last few months I had to change my Telephone number 20 times because they (female fans) got hold of it. It’s absolute madness in Pakistan. If I go out all the women rush towards me in order to have a chat, they grab me and at times even tear off my clothes.” So it won’t be surprising to learn that the former (playboy) cricketer Imran Khan is Shoaib’s inspiration and mentor. Shoaib loves being compared to his idol.

Life before becoming a cricketer
Before becoming a cricketer Shoaib was a wild, irresponsible and reckless lad who always got into trouble, fighting in streets or running after girls. In his words, “ I didn’t have to work so I would just roam around on my Kawasaki 750 motorbike. I was totally carefree. I wasn’t a very nice guy, infact I was nasty and bad. I was always getting into fights-usually over women. I was a real street fighter. People didn’t like me at all.” Shoaib has a nine-inch scar across his chest and a lot more wounds down his legs. He further added, “I even carried a gun though for my own safety. I would never shoot anyone, but would fire in the air in order to scare the enemies. My mother was always worried about me. At times she slapped me and said, “I am not happy with you. You better be a good man.” And see her wish has come true. Now my mother is very proud of me and wishes me luck before every Match.”

Views on Marriage
Shoaib prefers to have an arranged Marriage. He wants a fair complexioned, simple, clean woman who cares for him, his family and finances. She should be a good housekeeper and not a money waster. As per him, “The woman who run after me presently cannot be trusted because they are attracted towards my fame and not because they love me as an individual. But if I really fell in love before my marriage is arranged then I will follow my heart and marry the woman I love. But if this happened my mother will never forgive me and I would never be able to convince her for accepting the marriage.” Shoaib gets a lot of female attention but is confident that the only woman he will concentrate on would be his wife.

GOD's Importance in his life
Shoaib gives credit to GOD for whatever he is today. In his words, “ My mother didn’t want me to play cricket. She wanted me to finish my studies and look for a good job but I guess God had something else for me. He wanted me to play for my country so he picked me out of so many. I really think it was his will.”

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